Sarah Beattie Has Shifted Focus To Hot And Hilarious Instagram Videos


Photo: Instagram (@nachosarah)

As if Sarah Beattie wasn’t already hot and hilarious enough, the well-endowed comedienne has started doing Instagram videos now. They’ve been slowly building up her following, and now her career is about to blow (up) even more.

An avid potty-mouth with a flair for filth, Sarah has gone from daily dirty dad jokes and Trump trolling to full-on female philanderer. Her videos, which tend to feature a prominent boob angle, her uniquely soft (and seductive) voice with a hilarious punchline at the end deliver the triple threat most guys only dream about.

First, follow Sarah on Instagram @nachosarah. Then, enjoy an endless stream of  “tits and depression,” (courtesy of her bio). Check out a few of her Instagram videos below.

Now for a few of her latest hot and hilarious Instagram photos. Fun fact: If you follow her, you get to enjoy the funny captions, as well.


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