Sam Bradford Has Demanded A Trade From The Philadelphia Eagles

Sam Bradford

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Sam Bradford has demanded a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles. The news comes just less than a week after the Eagles traded for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, where they are rumored to be interested in taking former North Dakota State quarterback, Carson Wentz now that Jared Goff (CAL) has reportedly been chosen by the LA Rams with the No. 1 pick.

Bradford has also reportedly told the Eagles that he will not be showing up to their offseason training program. According to Schefter, Bradford is “mad and wants to show who is best.”

Now, if an NFL quarterback does not like the system or the situation that he is, then they have all the right in the world to go out and ask for a trade. But, to say that you are trying to show that you are the best quarterback in the organization and then refuse to take part in offseason workouts that are supposed to make you better? That does not seem all too intelligent on the part of Sam Bradford. If you are Sam Bradford, why not take advantage of the fact that you are already a member of the Eagles and an NFL quarterback? Go work your tail off and show that you are the best option to start for this franchise? Sam Bradford may be signed to big money and think that he is the future of this franchise, but so far he hasn’t proven a damn thing in the NFL. Granted, much of the reasoning behind Bradford’s lack of production throughout his time in the league has been due to injury, but on what planet has this guy already proven that he is a legitimate NFL quarterback? Bradford seems to have the idea that a big money contract (something the Eagles are trying to have less of), a history of knee injuries, and winning the Heisman trophy almost a full decade ago at the University of Oklahoma all make him the undisputed starter for the Birds. But when it comes down to future potential, money, and fitting into the right system, Sam Bradford in no way, shape, or form is the lock choice to bring this franchise success.  

Trading away a good portion of your future for the No. 2 overall pick to draft a quarterback when you are already paying Sam Bradford (two years, $36 million) and Chase Daniel (three years, $21 million) was probably not the wisest of move on the part of the Philadelphia Eagles. And again, if Bradford wants to demand a trade and get out of town then fine (not many teams want a quarterback who is getting paid a lot of money with a long history of knee problems). But, Sam Bradford seems to think that he has already accomplished a ton in his career and provides Philly with a bright future. You have to respect Bradford for his optimism here, but it’s hard to definitely believe that Sam Bradford is the long-term answer for the Philadelphia Eagles due to his history of knee problems and lack of success as an NFL quarterback during the last eight seasons. 

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