Popular Live Streamer Suffers Vagina Slip, Gets Suspended From Twitch

You know Lea May as LegendaryLea on Twitch. After watching the above vagina slip video, you’ll know her even better. Unfortunately for her, the uncensored footage from her live stream resulted in Twitch suspending her account for 30 days.

The wardrobe malfunction took place as LegendaryLea was playing Dark Souls for thousands of Twitch viewers. The 26-year-old attempted to stand up from her couch and accidentally exposed herself.

Or did she?

LegendaryLea says what we see in the video isn’t her vagina at all.

Both in the video and in her tweet, Lea May insists she was wearing shorts underneath. She also places blame on her well-documented ankle injury.

Was that LegendaryLea’s thigh or her vag? Apparently Twitch believes it was the latter.

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