Police Post Photos Of A Suspect On Facebook, Community Responds With Kindness


Police Post Photos Of A Suspect On Facebook, Community Responds With Kindness

March 29, 2018

A few weeks ago, a man had $250 stolen from his wallet while he was at Station Medical Center in Altoona, PA.

The Atloona Police Department posted surveillance photos of the suspect on their Facebook page in the hope that someone might recognize the thief.

Someone did reach out, but his message had nothing to do with the thief.

“A few weeks ago we posted some surveillance photos of a suspect who stole $250.00 (originally posted as $150.00) cash from an older gentleman’s wallet at the Station Medical Center in Altoona,” the department wrote on Facebook.

“A man named Brian Littlehale reached out to us and asked if he could donate to the victim to help reimburse the money that was stolen. I was truly surprised at the request and must say that this type of gesture has never been offered in any of the crimes that we have reported on social media. I was able to get Mr. Littlehale in contact with the victim and was later sent this photo. Mr. Littlehale personally donated $150.00 to the victim and Boy Scout Troop 3031 donated the remaining $100.00. The victim was totally reimbursed due to this incredible act of kindness! We would like to thank Brian Littlehale and Boy Scout Troop 3031 for this heartwarming story and reminding us that our community is capable of great things!”

act of kindness
Credit: Atloona Police Department

According to Littlehale, the man was so appreciative of their actions that he in return donated the money.

act of kindness

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