Police Officer Receives Pizza Delivery Naked, Gets Suspended!


They say that every man’s home is his castle. However for one police officer in Las Cruces, New Mexico being the king of your castle apparently does not involve waking around the house naked.

Not the delivery in question, but I guess this is a thing.

28 year-old William Gonzalez, a five year veteran of the Las Cruces PD was off duty when hunger called and he decided to order a hot piping pizza from his local Dominos. However it seems that Gonzalez was more interested in delivering the extra sausage.

This is totally a thing.

He policeman was charged with indecent exposure and immediately suspended after the Domino’s pizza deliverywoman reported that he opened the door totally nude. She handed him a receipt to sign and he responded “he had no way of knowing that the delivery person was going to be a girl.”

A twist on a classic.

To top it off as she left, he told her to wait while he went and got her a tip, returning with a wad of cash- all the time still naked. Here’s a tip dude. Really happy that you are comfortable with yourself but if a stranger comes to your house and your naked, cover up your junk.

Do you think if the genders of the male police officer and the female pizza delivery person had been reversed there would have been no complaint?  Break did a prank involving women greeting the food delivery guy topless and that went a bit differently.

Break Question Of The Day: Do you think if the pizza deliverer had been a guy and the naked customer had been a woman there would have been a problem?


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