People Are Complaining This Red Cross Pool Safety Poster Is Racist When It's Not


It took only two years for people to finally complain about this Red Cross poster which was first seen in Colorado. What are they complaining about? That the poster is racist toward African Americans because a decent number of the African American children in the poster are the ones misbehaving. The poster which was released in 2014 is designed to show kids the rights and wrongs of pool safety and people think it’s totally uncool that they depicted African American kids being the only children to be doing anything wrong.

The problem is the African American kids in the poster AREN’T the only kids doing anything wrong. Check out the poster below.

As you can see, there are arrows pointing out what is “NOT COOL” to do near or in a pool and then there’s the “COOL” things that you can do. And of course people were quick to notice that the poster points out African American kids doing anything wrong at all.

The problem is everyone is clearly not noticing TWO WHITE KIDS doing something wrong on the poster as well. So no, the poster is in fact not racist and everyone should calm down. Not sure how a poster can be racist if it depicts white people doing almost equally bad things as well. Especially since the poster actually does depict white and black children getting along together and having fun. People failed to notice that part I guess.

It could also be the fact that ONLY the white kids were seen doing “Cool” things as well and that’s what bothered everyone? It does show kids of color not doing anything “Cool” or “Not Cool” which I guess means they’re actually “Cool”? Confusing, I know but it’s not like they made both of the lifeguards on the poster white people with Hitler mustaches.

Also let’s point out the fact that THIS white kid here looks like he’s drinking a beer?? And yet we’ll let that one slide because, well, it’s pretty hilarious actually.

Not cool, Red Cross. Not cool.

I’m sure the graphic designer thought they did a good job, the poster was approved but had to wake up to a real shit storm fearing they’d never be hired again for being an accidental racist.

Of course there was such an uproar that the Red Cross was forced to apologize for what they thought was a fine poster. They said “We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest humanitarian organizations, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do, every day.”



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