Pampered Millennial’s Parents Paid His Bills For Decade: He Dismembered Them!


If you thought spending Thanksgiving with the family was painful, you really need to be thankful you weren’t a couple in Tennessee. Joel Michael Guy Sr. and his wife Lisa Guy welcomed home their son from college, Joel Michael Jr. Only they had a little something they wanted to discuss; they wanted to retire from their successful careers as engineers and stop paying the bills of their 28-year-old son.


The son had been attending college to be a plastic surgeon for NINE years at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While not having yet graduated from the school or been attending classes for the past year, Joel was still living near the campus and traveled home for Thanksgiving. He allegedly was there to ask his folks for more money when they informed him that the free ride was over.

The parents who gave and gave to their son but it was not enough.

Having had Thanksgiving dinner with this parents and two sisters who live closer to home, at some point authorities believe the son decided on retribution for cutting him off financially.

Thanksgiving dinner will be better in prison next year.

 Police say there may have even been a life insurance policy he would be able to get in on if his parents were dead. Which is why I say you should NEVER get life insurance, you are just incentivizing your delinquent, mooching children to murder you for the money.


The would-be plastic surgeon gave his mom and dad bit of a “face lift.” The two were found with various stab wounds and were dismembered before Joel attempted to dissolve their flesh and bone in acid.  Investigators found the human remains in an “acid-based solution” – describing the scene at the home as gruesome.

This is what happens when everyone gets a participation trophy.

Joel’s sisters say they did not suspect anything was wrong during the holiday. The last time the older couple were seen was Friday night and the younger Joel left to go back to Baton Rouge on Sunday. When the wife didn’t show up for work on Monday authorities were called and discovered the murder scene at the home.


The son was arrested leaving his apartment in Baton Rouge on Tuesday where his neighbors described him as “very quiet and keeping to himself.” What is even weirder is that reporters found that the university he was supposedly studying to be a plastic surgeon had no record of him at the school. Maybe all this time he was just going down to Louisiana to hang out by a college campus on his parent’s dime and not even go to school?

The suspect is being returned to Tennessee where he will face murder charges.



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