Painter Zoe Schwartz Is A Sexy Stroke Of Genius In Short Shorts


Photo: Instagram @zoeschwartz

Of all the gorgeous girls making awesome art while covered in splattered paint, Zoe Schwartz is the one worth keeping an eye on the most. Some might say “a stroke of genius” (multi-use verb).

Despite all the soul-sucking monotony and celebrity social media meltdowns on Instagram, there are glimmers of hope. Manhattan’s finest (also a multi-use adjective) Zoe and her brightly abstract portraiture paintings are certainly proof of that.

Have a look at Zoe’s Instagram @zoeschwartzzz, where you’ll find nothing to make you bored in the least. The only constant you’ll run into there is a routine beautiful girl next to a recurring pretty painting. And she does it all (usually) in the shortest of shorts.


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