Painter Casey Hancock Is A Triple Threat Air Force Vet


Silhouette Of Woman Painting A Picture At Sunset. Photo: Nodar Chernishev / EyeEm (Getty)

Casey Hancock is a lot of things: San Diego surfer, multi-faceted muralist, US Air Force veteran, and pretty portraiture painter. Nothing compares to what she can do when she puts paint to canvas. Among many of the beautiful women making awesome art, Casey not only specializes in the abstract, but she’s pretty damn phenomenal with a portrait (as you’ll soon realize).

For those of you who like art, love your country, support your troops and have mildly unhealthy obsessions with gorgeous girls on Instagram (as well as Batman abstract artwork), maybe it’s time you met Casey Hancock @caseypaintings. We say she’s a triple threat, but that’s just because we can’t count all the ways she might blow your mind. Have a look, drool, then follow. It’s for your country, dammit.


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