Octagon Girl Amber Miller Files Retraining Order Against Jenna Jameson After Acid Throwing Threat

Amber Miller

Former UFC octagon girl Amber Miller says Jenna Jameson is bullying her so badly that she needs a restraining order against the porn icon. Miller dates Jenna’s ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Tito Ortiz, which is the root of Jenna’s distaste for Amber. 

Jameson can’t go within 100 yards of Miller. She must also stop all harassment. 

Jenna asked her social media followers to attack the UFC ring girl during a “self-proclaimed roast.” Amber received multiple taunts and even death threats. 

Amber claims Jenna threatened to throw acid on her face. This is the main reason for the restraining order.

Miller and Ortiz seem to be pretty serious. She’s even posted photos of his children on Instagram and refers to the two boys as her family. The boys are biologically Jenna’s children. 

Ortiz and Jameson have been at war for years over homes, kids, and drug use. He accused her of abandoning their children two years ago. 

Ortiz is the primary caregiver of the children. Jameson has made attempts to gain custody in the past but the MMA legend’s concerns about Jenna’s pretending abilities won out in court.  

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