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new! tries out celeb luggage brand DELSEY’s new Pluggage – and we’re impressed…

Posted: Friday 3 Jun 2016

Jane Lynch is a fan of DELSEY

Above: Jane Lynch is a fan of DELSEY

Above: DELSEY’S Pluggage is the world’s first ‘connected case’

Above: Kate Hudson loves DELSEY’s bags

Above: DELSEY celebrated their 70th with a cake version of their classic Chatelet bag!

Aside from missing your plane and mile-long airport check-in queues, there’s nothing more annoying about going on holiday than losing your case or your phone running out of juice when you’re miles from a plug socket. 


So when top luggage brand DELSEY – a favourite of stars including Kate Hudson and cool LA rockers Haim – whisked us to Paris by Eurostar for their 70th anniversary celebrations and to tell us about their new Pluggage (see what they did there!) we were all ears. 


While nibbling on macarons and sipping champers in their Parisian pop-up, we got to check out their innovative new connected suitcase – the world’s first – in person. And we were suitably wowed! The idea of a suitcase you can track and actually charge your phone in is so genius, it’s a miracle no-one’s thought of it before!


Not only that, you can also unlock Pluggage with your smartphone, or even your fingerprint, plus it comes fitted with geolocation tracking. And the lightweight cases actually weigh themselves, meaning no pre-airport panic that you’ve gone over your baggage allowance. Twitchy travelers will also be reassured by a function that notifies your smartphone if your bag is moved further than five feet away. 


All this techy stuff is made even more exciting by the fact that Pluggage, which is due to go on sale in 2017, looks fabulous. So you can feel suitably proud as it glides into view on the luggage carousel. 

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