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Today in Conspiracy Corner we take a look at a mind bending identity question. A new theory has hit the Internet this week that WWE Champion Chris Jericho is perhaps lady comedian Amy Schumer. “Amy” herself even Tweeted out the conspiracy with the caption

While Schumer is known for her Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer” and laying down some sick burns on the 2nd Amendment, Jericho is known for laying down some sick moves in the wrestling ring.

“Chris Jericho” – not his real name even sent the same tweet as “Amy Schumer.” How can that be?

Jericho, birth name Chris Irvine hit the World Wrestling scene in the early 1990’s becoming a six time world champion and a three time World Heavyweight Champion. So why would anyone think that the two were the same person? The pictures don’t lie.

Here is Chris Jericho in his wrestling prime, circa 1999 on Smackdown.

Here is Amy Schumer giving the smack down.

The two have never been photographed in the same room together. However there is just one problem with this theory. While Schumer is currently on a comedy tour, Chris Jericho is on tour with his rock band Fozzy. Or so they want us to believe. Has anyone actually seen in person, Chris Jericho sing? We still have lots of questions.

Do you think Chris Jericho and Amy Schumer are the same person?

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