New Browser Extension Replaces Pictures Of Trump With Cats!


For everyone who looks at the news and their social media feeds and is distressed by the constant sight of President Elect Donald J. Trump, there may be a solution that does not involve drinking yourself into a coma every day for the next four to eight years. Someone has created an extension for the Chrome browser that swaps out pictures of Trump with pictures of kittens. See, already Trump is bringing good technology jobs back to America!

The creator of the extension “Make America’s Kitten Again” weirdly was not a big fan of building the wall or bringing jobs back to America’s declining middle class. Apparently just seeing pictures of The Donald is a trigger that makes them run for their safe space. They say;

So nasty. Sad! These are not nice people.  The furry feline friends may be a way for liberal minded folks to deal with the post-traumatic stress of a Trump Presidency, but I think the joke is on them. Just look at these kittens – they look like they are making America Great:

These cats sure are alt right with us! But here are what some more whiners and complainers had to say about the extension in these user reviews:

For all of you who signed up to Make America Great Again, hold on before you start screaming at “the snowflakes.” Just imagine this. Right now as we speak, in an alternate timeline a version of you is currently faced with seeing pictures, video and audio of President Hillary Clinton on the surface of every electronic device and printed medium imaginable EVERYDAY for at least the next four years.

Every day you wake up to the news that President Elect Clinton has just met with her Secretary of Healthcare Death Squads, Michael Moore in the back of a pizza parlor to figure out what they should do first: implement nationwide Sharia Law or take away everyone’s guns? Mercifully this can all go away with a simple browser extension that replaces “Killary” with a cute and lovely kitten. Sounds like a win!

What celebrity, politician or celebrity- politician would you want swapped out with kittens?

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