Nearly Nude Saudi Arabian Bikers Pop Wheelies, Get Arrested

A group of Saudi Arabian men sparked controversy throughout the country when a video of them riding motorcycles wearing next to nothing went viral. As you can see above, the men wear only underwear as they perform dangerous wheelies at fast speeds while cruising down a highway.

At least three under-dressed men can be seen in the video alongside a number of fully-clothed bikers. As they push the limits of their safety by popping wheelies on a seemingly deserted stretch of road, onlookers can be heard cheering.

The video quickly went viral on Saudi Arabian social media, having accumulated hundreds of thousands of views almost overnight. However, much of the reaction to the video has been negative, with calls for the men – whose faces are all but hidden in the video – to be arrested.

“Arrest them and let’s finish with this kind of behavior on our roads,” one user wrote. In response to the outrage, local authorities insisted that they would do everything in their power to apprehend the men and bring them to justice.

Sure enough, local media reported that the men had been tracked down and arrested. Many people in Saudi Arabia have called for a severe punishment on social media, complaining that such recklessness could easily endanger innocent bystanders.

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