Mr. Skin’s Early Christmas Present: The Top 10 Nude Scenes Of 2016


For those of you that don’t know, for decades Mr. Skin has been the official encyclopedia of nude scenes in movies. (Real movies.) If a mainstream actress takes it off Mr. Skin knows the film, exact time code and if we are talking tops, bottoms, partial or full on birthday suit.  And now with lots of people getting naked on premium cable TV shows he has added television to the mix well.

While Mr. Skin is the authority on nude scenes, I have to call into question his decision to publish this list now. It is only the beginning of December and we have an entire month of movies and television to go that could be full of celeb nudity shots. What gives Mr. Skin?! The season finale of Westworld is this weekend and there could be another orgy scene! Speaking of which, that was his top pic for the best nude scene of the year! So we forgive you Mr. Skin, and will take this as an early Christmas present. His top ten of the year are below, what did he miss? Do you agree?

1. Westworld Orgy Scene (various actresses)

2. Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci in Easy

3. Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night

4. Riley Keough in Girlfriend Experience

5. Olivia Wilde in Vinyl

6. Vail Bloom in Too Late

7. Jodi Balfour in Quarry 

8. Eline Powell in Game of Thrones

9. Ashley Greene in Rogue

10. Michelle Derstine, body double for Melissa Rauch in The Bronze


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