Mom Of Gerber Baby With Down Syndrome: and#039;The World Is Full Of Loveand#039;


Mom Of Gerber Baby With Down Syndrome: ‘The World Is Full Of Love’

March 21, 2018

In January, baby Lucas was selected from more than 140,000 entries to be the 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby. He became the first ever Gerber baby with Down Syndrome.

Mom Cortney Warren says winning that contest has changed her view of the world and taught her family so much.

mom of gerber baby down syndrome
Credit: Gerber / Cortney Warren

After finding out Lucas was born with Down Syndrome, Cortney Warren was filled with fears and worries about how the world would respond to her child. Winning this contest changed everything for her and her family.

“We’ve received supportive letters from families across the country, and instead of just sales promotions, my inbox now overflows with emails from moms and dads wanting to share their stories,” she told TODAY.

“It’s easy to see the world as a place full of judging eyes, a place that I needed to shelter Lucas from. The reaction to Lucas, however, taught me the world is more full of love than I ever thought possible. Humanity is better than I thought. People weren’t just ready to accept Lucas. They were ready to embrace him. The letters I’ve gotten from so many parents affirm this.”

mom of gerber baby down syndrome
Lucas / Credit: Gerber

“When the times are tough, and I feel like I’m not doing enough, I find comfort knowing the world is rooting for Lucas. Like any mother, I still have fears, but at least I know that the world is a loving place. I know that parents of kids with special needs should put their kids out there.”


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