Mom Exposes Pastor In Front Of Church For Cheating On His Wife With Her Daughter


You’ve gotta have some real big balls to be married and cheat on your wife – or just be a total scumbag, take your pick. But to be a married pastor, then go and cheat on your wife with a girl who attends your service every Sunday? God-fuckin’-damn…

…for someone who believes in God, he sure isn’t afraid of going to hell.

According to Daily Mail, Pastor Billy Walker of Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi, was confronted by an unnamed woman during one of his services who accused him of cheating on his wife and sleeping with her daughter.

You’re probably thinking, “Where’s the mom in this video? Why we gotta stare at this random chick’s gut the entire video?” And while it’s true that this video was filmed with a 1998 potato, you can clearly hear the mom blowing a fucking gasket in the background.

If the mom is to be believed (and why not, considering she has nothing to lose or gain), Pastor Billy called the police on her daughter after she confronted him about their affair and his wife. “After all this time you’re going to press charges against her,” the mom can be heard screaming in the video, “and it took her to catch you with another woman of the church for her to finally get mad.”

Whether that means the daughter is a dense slice of pound cake who just found out that Pastor Billy is married or that she found him cheating with a second girl isn’t clear – but I’m leaning towards the latter, considering that you can hear the mom say that the affair has been going on for three years.

Fucking savage.

Pastor Billy’s wife was supposedly sitting in the pews while this all went down, however neither she, Pastor Billy, the mother or the daughter have been able to be reached for comment.


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