Miley Cyrus Parties With Arnold Schwarzenegger In NYC

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Miley Cyrus partied with her ex-boyfriend’s father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in NYC on Monday night.

Miley may no longer be dating the former California governor’s son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, but she clearly gets along just fine with his dad despite that.

Cyrus and Schwarzenegger attended the NBC Upfronts and teamed up for a selfie Snapchat video, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Arnold was in the video saying, “I’m here with a great, great entertainer. One of the greatest in the world.”

He continued, “Eat your heart out.”

Cyrus added, “Yeah! Eat your heart out.”

Miley and Patrick split up after reports surfaced that the actor was seen shirtless in Cabo San Lucas embracing a woman in a bikini back in March.

The former couple have moved on — with Miley allegedly reuniting with her former fiance, Liam Hemsworth; Patrick is seeing model Abby Champion.

Rumors are circulating that Miley and Liam are engaged, but no one is confirming the story. “The Hunger Games” star insists “everyone is happy” and debunks rumors that he’s becoming a father when he says he’s’ not ready to have kids, but maybe someday.

As the report states, Arnold and Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver, were amicable when  they appeared at their son’s graduation from University of Southern California over the weekend.

“Wouldn’t be anywhere without these two,” Patrick Instagrammed. “Thank you for everything and love yah both.”

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