Mick Jagger’s Family Tree Is Insane: At 73 He Ditches Baby’s Mamma For A Model!


Mick Jagger is the ultimate ladies’ man. It pays to be one of the most famous rock stars of all time and to still be going strong both in music and in the sack. The Rolling Stones recently came out with a new album of blues music, while Jagger became a father for the eighth time at the ripe age of 73. He went forth and spread his music and his seed.

While it is not uncommon for jet-setting men of the world like Mick to have a kid at such an advanced age, it does make for one heck of a family tree. Old Mick has eight children from five different Baby’s Mammas. They then produced five grandchildren who in turn have thus far knocked out ONE great-grandchild, a girl named Ezra:

So Mick was already a great-grandfather when he had his new son. So his great-granddaughter named Ezra is two year’s older than her own great-uncle who was born on December 8th. To top it off Ezra also has an uncle who is a month younger than she is.

This family tree should help clear things up if you stare at it long enough;

Note: this graph incorrectly says that the great-grandchild is a boy- it’s a girl!

Now here is the real kicker. Although you may have no sympathy for the devil, Mick is in a bit of hot water with the mother of his most recent child. While girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, an American ballerina just gave birth to his eighth offspring, it has been reported that Jagger recently dumped her for a Russian supermodel, the stunning 27-year-old beauty named Masha Rudenko.  You can’t say that Mick doesn’t get any satisfaction (I know, had to.)

When Rudenko posted a picture of herself in the front row of The Rolling Stones’ Coachella performance – her friend Kseniya Durst- wife of Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst commented that “Oh baby, you are with your boyfriend.” (Well we can see why those two hang out, they both date huge world famous rock stars that generations of humans love and whose music will last forever and not become dated.)

When Baby Mama Hamrick found out that Jagger was flying the Russian hottie around the world in first class she “LOST IT.” Sorry lady, you can’t always get what you want. The Russian model home wrecker refuses to speak to reporters about her relationship status with the rock icon, but supposedly “banned” her family back in Russia from talking about the relationship. You know what they say about Honky Tonk Women, OK that doesn’t even make sense. Jumping Jack Flash.

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