Mia Khalifa Got Roasted After Getting Shut Down By Steelers WR On Twitter


Mia Khalifa is known for outing professional athletes who try to slide into her DMs, so you’d think that the rest of them would learn a lesson from seeing their comrades embarrassed all over the Internet. Yet time and time again it continues to happen – look at Chicago Cubs’ Wilson Contreras just dropping in to say “hi”:

Note how the date is from 2017. Contreras doesn’t have any excuse considering Mia’s been doing this same sort of shit for years:

Come on guys — we can’t be THIS dumb, can we?

Ugh. There’s a reason these guys are athletes and not rocket scientists.

 But occasionally, occasionally — we get an athlete who isn’t looking to bone a girl who was once Pornhub’s #1 star. Gilbert Arenas once slammed her for an attempted DM slide, and now Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster gets to join the club. Earlier this week Mia attempted to get Smith’s attention by tweeting at him…

…only to have him roast her right back:

And in a bizarre twist, for whatever reason the Steelers twitter account decided to get in on the action. You’d think they’d be busy doing things like figuring out how to win games and cover up Ben Roethlisberger’s rape accusations, but what do I know?

People never learn.


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