Married Christian School Teacher Caught In Bed By Husband With Student


It’s by no means an “ideal” situation, but if your significant other is going to cheat on you it may as well be on someone who’s an upgrade. Picture yourself coming home and finding your wife in bed with another man…and the dude is HIDEOUS. I’m talking like the dude is the bastard child of Sloth and Liza Minelli:

True love.

It’s like pouring a dump truck of salt into the wound. If he’s attractive then fine – you get how that happened. But if you’re an eight and she’s bumping uglies with a two, it may be best if you put yourself on suicide watch.

That being said, I don’t know where on the 1-10 scale the 15-year-old student in this story ranks. Technically he ranks nowhere because he’s under 18, and we’re (justifiably) not allowed to call underage kids “hot” – yet 29-year-old Andrea Baber took the plunge anyway. According to NR Today, Baber’s affair with the student began in 2016 and “continued on a regular basis” where she would provide him with marijuana and alcohol. The relationship was not reported to law enforcement, however, until the student’s father received an anonymous email asking if he knew that his son was in a sexual relationship with his teacher; several photos of Baber and the student in bed together were included with the message.

To make matters worse, Baber’s husband allegedly caught the two in bed together on December 5th, but it wasn’t until the 15th that deputies arrested her on suspicion of third-degree rape, third-degree sodomy, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, first-degree online sexual corruption of a minor and unlawful delivery of marijuana to a person under 18 years of age.

While Baber is no longer an English teacher at Logos Christian Academy in Oregon her biography is still listed on their website — “Andrea has always felt called to work with youth and is very excited that God opened the door for her to be part of the Logos team. She lives with her husband, dog and cat just south of Eugene” — a textbook case of having poor choice in words.



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