Marnie Simpson: 'Jeremy McConnell chatted me up'


The Geordie Shore star has admitted he got in contact after splitting from Stephanie Davis

Posted: Monday 23 May 2016

Marnie claims Jeremy tried it on with her too

Above: Marnie claims Jeremy tried it on with her too

Above: She feels sorry for his ex Stephanie Davis

Geordie Shore babe Marnie Simpson has admitted Stephanie Davis’ baby daddy Jeremy McConnell tried it on with her following one of his numerous splits from the actress.

Marnie told Star magazine: “After they broke up, he DM’d me on Twitter with the rose emoji. He tried his luck, but I told him he was barking up the wrong tree!”

The 24 year old also admitted her heart goes out to the former Hollyoaks star – who this week told OK! magazine she is excited about becoming a first-time mum – when asked if she felt sorry for her.

“I feel bad for her. I think she’s a nice girl and I thought Jeremy was a nice boy, but I feel he’s proved everyone wrong,” Marnie said.

Lets hope the pair can be civil for the baby’s sake!


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