Man Takes Insane Measure After He And His Wife Haven't Had Sex For A Decade


On one hand, marriage sounds pretty awesome because now you don’t have to spend your entire adult life until you croak running around trying to get laid. The idea being that you got a lady right there who supposedly wants to bang you for the rest of her life, right? Well, for most couples, not so much. Once the ring is on and the honeymoon is over, the sex sessions become less and less frequent until one day you realize it’s been an entire year since you’ve actually had sex with your partner.

This guy on the other hand realized he and his wife hadn’t had sex for an entire decade!

“Someone please just touch it.”

Don’t worry, dude, it’ll be okay. Oh wait, no it won’t.

As the calendar months flew by, Ghasi Ram realized he and his wife hadn’t had sex for over 365 days. No, it wasn’t because either of them were having affairs. It just simply wasn’t happenin. So Ram grew more and more frustrated until he, to put it simply, fucking lost it.

He attempted once more to make some whoopie with his wife but she wasn’t in the mood again as per usual. So Ram did the only thing he could think of to finally make his wife realize how frustrating not getting laid can really make a man.

He cut off his penis right in front of her.

Shit, Ram, maybe take her to a hotel first if you’re trying to seduce her.

Ram admitted to coming home drunk when he tried one last time to hit on his wife and set the mood so maybe that’s already getting off on the wrong foot, but hey, at least he’s drunkenly hitting on his wife and not some floozy one hut over.

Ram said after his wife said no, he became so angry that he grabbed a knife sitting on the table and drunkenly began to slice his own dick off. Most of us would just go masturbate but to each his own.

So what did Ram have to say for himself after successfully cutting off his own penis? He said “We haven’t had a physical relationship for the past 10 years. I cut it off because she doesn’t understand me. She is very stubborn.”

His wife, Manjhri Devi (34) has a different side to the story. She says that Ram started to come home drunk every night, trying to get in her pants. Romantic! She says it takes a little care and tenderness to woo her. “He would come home every night and would never listen to me or cared for me.”

Ram who is 37 says he and his wife have been married for 18 year years and live in Northern India. They have two sons and one daughter together. Well, if this isn’t a sitcom setup I don’t know what is!

No word if his penis has been paper-clipped back on.

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