Man Steals $5 Million, But Spends $1 Million On A Stupid Phone Game!


This next story is amazing on several levels. First of all the thief who stole $5 million dollars sounds like he took a plan right out of the playbook from the classic movie Office Space. 

Kevin Lee Co managed the accounting department for the California heavy machinery company, Holt. Being in charge of the company’s credit account he was able to covertly falsify records and make unauthorized charges for personal purchases- like luxury cars, season tickets to local sports teams and membership to an exclusive golf club. This guy was living like a boss, while stealing from the boss.

However his largest expense was a strange one. Co blew through a million bucks of company money… on “Game of War”- a cell phone game. He didn’t even purchase a new X-Box or an amazing Oculus Rift virtual reality setup. A phone app game! That you can download for free. To be fair did you guys see the “Game of War” Super Bowl commercial from 2015 featuring Fappening star Kate Upton?  

This is one of those “freemium” games with the notorious bait and switch. It is advertised as a “free game” but in order to advance within the game play there are lots of hidden charges once you start playing. For example if you want a different weapon in “Game of War” you can purchase it with real money– not Mario coins. It’s kind of a genius business model to screw children and easily manipulated people out of their money. Win one for capitalism. USA! USA!

However this Game of War player wasn’t going to let the system bring him down. He was able to rack up a million bucks of company credit to feed his game addiction. Maybe he hoped to impress Kate Upton with how many levels in the game he conquered?

Regardless think about how much money a million dollars is to the average person. That is some serious life changing money for most of us. This was the equivalent of giving money to a junkie who blew it all on meth.

Break Question of The Day: What would you spend a million dollars on?

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