Man Buys Brand New iPhone, Unfortunately It Came With This Disturbing Photo


A lot of people are super pumped when they get the chance to buy a new iPhone. Higher resolution camera, a lot more room for apps and oh yeah, pictures of dead people. Who doesn’t love THAT feature?!

One man recently bought a new iPhone but after opening the camera, he noticed that a photo was already placed in his camera roll. He was shocked to find out that the image looked like a photo of a damn corpse.

Now before you call us insensitive, this could still be very much some type of joke played on the man who discovered the image, or he’s just trying to fool us all. OR, just maybe, some maniac works for Apple, took a picture of their yet to be identified victim and sent the phone down the factory line. I have to say, that photo looks pretty real if HBO’s Autopsy has taught me anything about photos of corpses.

A video was uploaded explaining the image found, but unfortunately it’s all in Spanish and we just don’t have time to translate that much dialogue to English. Here’s the video if you paid any attention at all in high school during Spanish class because we certainly did not.

Julian Cavalero made the video and asked in the description that people share it in hopes of identifying the woman. That is if the image isn’t a joke. Or maybe the joke is on us and it’s all a hoax, who the hell can tell anymore!

Regardless, what the hell would YOU do if you found a photo like this on your new iPhone??




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