Luis D. Ortiz Getting Dating Advice From Fredrik Eklund

Luis D. Ortiz

Luis D. Ortiz is back for another season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and he is still single. Last season, he started dating a little bit but he was very scared about being swept away in another romance. But just because he isn’t dating now doesn’t mean he isn’t looking and keeping his eyes open. Apparently, Fredrik Eklund told him to be picky and not settle and he’s taking that advice very seriously. According to a new report, Luis D. Ortiz is now revealing that he has indeed tried to date, but he is still looking for his perfect partner. 

“You will never be able to understand fully from a picture what’s out there,” Luis told The Daily Dish. “Fredrik [Eklund] never settled and look at him — he married an amazing, almost perfect, actually perfect guy. [Ryan Serhant] never settled and he’s gonna marry a wonderful woman, so…”

He also reveals that he’s very busy with work and he’s always eager to have fun – and not just with work. He wants to have fun in general, so he isn’t looking to settle down quickly. But it sounds like the lady has to meet a long list of criteria to make it work.

“I am having fun with my life, not just women, fun in general,” Luis explained about his personal life, adding, “In my business, with my life, with the people that I know and my friends. I just haven’t found it. I’m very particular for my life, my business. I’m very detail-oriented, so when it comes to the person I’m gonna spend time with I probably am three or four times more particular than I am for the rest of my things, which are pretty specific. So I may never find it because I’m too specific. Fredrik said never settle.”

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s criteria for a woman?

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