Love Island's Zara Holland: 'Having sex isn't a crime!'


The Love Island babe lets rip after being stripped of her Miss Great Britain title

Posted: Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

Zara insists having sex isn't a crime

Above: Zara insists having sex isn’t a crime

Above: She was stripped of her Miss GB title after having sex with Alex Bowen

SHE doesn’t regret her actions

Love Island star Zara Holland has hit back at pageant bosses after she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title for having sex on TV.

The devastated 20 year old blasted their decision, saying she hasn’t committed a crime.

She angrily told The Sun: “I’ve done nothing wrong. All women have needs There is nothing wrong with having sex on TV. I haven’t committed a crime so why should I have my title taken from me? It’s horrific.”

The pretty blonde also insisted she knew what she was signing up for when she agreed to take part in the ITV2 show.

“I knew what I was signing up for – it is Love Island. I am a 20-year-old girl who was in the moment. There are lots of girls my age who go out every week and do that, mine was just on national TV,” she fumed.

Go on girl!


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