Louisiana Tech Coach Tyler Summitt Impregnates Player, Disgraces Mother's Legacy

Tyler Summitt

Tyler Summitt has stepped down from his position as the head coach of the Louisiana Tech women’s basketball team because of an inappropriate relationship with a player. Summitt, who is married, has reportedly impregnated one of his players. As you probably already guessed, she is not his wife. 

His mother is former Vols women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt. Tyler received coaching jobs based on his mother’s name. At only 25-years-old, Summitt was obviously given his position as a head coach based on his mother’s glory. In return, he’s brought a lot of drama and shame to the family name. Summitt is young but he completely abused his position of power. There are even rumors the player transferred from another school to be with Summitt after he left the school she played at to coach at LA Tech. 

Summitt has deleted his Twitter and Facebook accountsThe reaction to this one has been interesting. Some point out that Summitt never deserved the position and proved it with his actions. Others think he’s a joke.

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