Kimbo Slice Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack At 42

Kimbo Slice

As reported by Yahoo! Sports, popular mixed martial arts fighter Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, passed away on Monday night at a Fort Lauderdale-area hospital as a result of heart failure. Slice reportedly fell ill Monday afternoon at his home in Southern Florida and was taken to Northwest Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale where he eventually passed away later that evening. Police have not found any signs of foul as a result of their investigation into the situation and it is simply being considered a medical incident as of now. Police were dispatched to the home of Kimbo Slice during the incident because he is considered a public figure and officials wanted to control any type of crowd that could potentially gather.

Slice busted into the MMA scene in 2007 after his street fight videos began going viral all over the Internet. Slice signed with Elite XC in 2008 and had his fights that were televised on CBS draw massive ratings. In 2009, Kimbo signed a contract with the UFC and competed in season 10, but was eliminated in his first UFC fight by Roy Nelson via decision. Slice returned for the season finale of the show and defeated Houston Alexander by knockout, but was defeated in his final UFC Fight via the knockout by Matt Mitrione at UFC 113. After leaving the UFC, Kimbo Slice fought twice more at Bellator (June 2015 against Ken Shamrock and February 2016 against Dhafir Harris). Both fights resulted in a win via the knockout for Slice, but after testing positive for an anabolic steroid following his fight against Harris in February, Slice’s victory was turned into a “no contest.”  

Kimbo Slice was scheduled to fight James Thompson at Bellator 158 in London this coming July, but sadly that match will now not be taking place. Kimbo Slice leaves us holding a professional record of 5-2-1 with a 7-0 record in professional boxing (six knockouts).    

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, the professional fighter, is not what most people will remember him as. Rather, Kimbo Slice is an Internet legend. Nothing was better than getting home from school or getting out of work and going on Youtube to check out the new Kimbo Slice ass-kicking video uploaded that day. Kimbo Slice may not have had the professional career that many had hoped he would, but he certainly did enough to make his opponents know exactly what they were getting themselves into when they stepped inside the ring or the octagon with him. Slice leaves behind his long-time girlfriend Antoinette Ray and six children, one of which, Kevin Ferguson II, has already begun pursuing a career in MMA.  Ferguson II won his MMA debut in early March with a first-round knockout of then 2-0 Tom Brink at Warrior Nation XII.    

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