Kim Kardashian Is So Distraught She Did The LOVE Advent Calendar


Kim Kardashian


All it took was a hotel robbery at gunpoint for us not to see or hear about Kim Kardashian everyday (it’s the little things), but once that novelty wore off, her husband was hospitalized for a mental breakdown, then when that wore off, she said she might divorce him. Well played, Kim. I don’t even know how she manages to get through the day with so many many devastating things going on in her personal life and plot point narratives her mom hopes make into her show. But one narrative that they still run with for some reason is that it’s still 2007 and Kim Kardashian. Good times. So here is in Day 12 of the LOVE Advent Calendar. I guess the concept here is that a crayon can draw Kim Kardashian. Seems about right.



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