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Warner Bros.’ fourth DCEU installment, Justice League, didn’t exactly deliver what the studio was expecting, from both a critical and commercial standpoint. The movie didn’t fare well with critics, especially after a controversial move to withhold the Rotten Tomatoes score for a day, earning just a 40% rating on RT. And when it hit in theaters, it posted the worst DCEU opening weekend thus far, earning $93.8 million. But the movie did earn a famous fan in director Kevin Smith, who sung the movie’s praises during his Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Here’s what the director had to say below about one of his favorite parts of the movie, which made his “heart soar.” If you haven’t seen Justice League yet there may be some mild SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

“I saw Justice League twice already. I liked it. I liked it. There’s stuff in it that I really dug, stuff that I was happy, I mean it’s weird this is like, I’m not going to review the movie and stuff, but these are moments that f—ing made my heart soar. Danny Elfman did the score, so at one point, he referenced his own score, there’s a shot of Batman and he played (the theme) from the Tim Burton Batman.”

It was already confirmed earlier this month that Danny Elfman’s Batman theme from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie would be featured in this score/soundtrack, and it seems that was a powerful moment for a lifelong comic book fan like Kevin Smith. While Kevin Smith isn’t directly involved in the DCEU, he holds a lot of credibility within the fanboy universe, and his praise of the movie could certainly seem to be noteworthy by many. The filmmaker also spoke about another one of his favorite moments, involving the villain Steppenwolf, during this podcast with his co-host Ralph Garman, while breaking down all of the main characters’ performances.

“Hearing Steppenwolf refer to the New Gods, that was awesome, because he’s part of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, part of the New Gods cast of characters. He referred to Darkseid at one point, which made my heart f—ing leap and stuff like that, and also you get to see s–t like Batman fighting a Parademon. Wonder Woman, it plays like a quasi-Wonder Woman sequel of sorts, in as much as like, ‘Oh, she’s back in action and in the present’ and she’s no longer just doing the art museum, now she’s doing missions. The Cyborg story, I thought his performance was really good and understated, and I actually like that character more than I thought I would. Flash is like the f—ing comic sidekick and Ezra Miller does a great job, he’s very funny, but you’ve seen almost every single joke on the trailers and stuff. Jason Momoa, I thought was wonderful. He made me want to see an Aquaman movie more than I ever wanted to before.”

This comes just a day after Jason Momoa responded to Justice League critics, stating that when he heard the movie wasn’t doing so well, it “bummed” him out, although he doesn’t want to listen to all of the negativity. Regardless, another report revealed that Warner Bros. could lose between $50 million and $100 million, when all is said and done. You can click on the video player below with the Justice League excerpt of the latest Hollywood Babble-On Podcast, but there are even more SPOILERS within that podcast, so listed at your own risk.


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