Kelly Ripa Quiting 'Live!' After Andy Cohen Says He Can't Do Show?

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen says that he’s too busy to co-host Live! with his BFF Kelly Ripa. According to Us Weekly, Cohen’s name has come up when talking about who could replace Michael Strahan.

“I’ve kind of said everything I had to say about it. I have 10 jobs,” Cohen said, seemingly explaining that he simply cannot join the show because he’s too busy. “I have my own late-night talk show that’s on every night at 11 o’clock!” Cohen added.

Andy Cohen defended Kelly Ripa after the Live! host was blindsided by Michael Strahan and by ABC.

“When I look at this whole situation, it’s worth noting that the two of them, Kelly and Michael, they had such great chemistry — such great chemistry. And I’m just looking at this — it just seems like a premature end to a great relationship. It ended way too prematurely, and I think so much has been written about this situation and how it was handled,” Cohen said on his radio show shortly after everything went down.

The network has stayed quiet when it comes to who they are thinking of hiring, but so far, Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Jerry O’Connell, and Josh Groban’s names have all circulated online.

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