Justin Bieber Punched A Fan In The Face


Justin Bieber


Spain is one of the countries that Justin Bieber is still allowed to enter, so he was in Barcelona when some dude touched Justin Bieber. Just not the way he envisioned it on his vision board.

The Biebs was in Barcelona, driving to perform Tuesday night, when a guy ran up to the car and stuck his hand in the window to touch him. Bieber responded with a quick jab to the face. The guy ended up a bloody mess as he and his friends reacted in shock.

I give Bieber a lot of shit, because everyone should and its fun, but I’m not entirely sure why Barcelona dude’s friends “reacted in shock”. Bieber ain’t the Pope. You can try to touch him, but you won’t get blessed. If we really wanted to shock his friends, we’d tell them that Alexander Hamilton hated illegal immigrants and wanted to put protestors on prison.


Here’s  Selena Gomez again for obvious reasons:




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