Javier Bardem Loves Woody Allen And Doesn’t Really Care Who Knows


Javier Bardem


Since Javier Bardem is an amazing actor and doesn’t have to worry about losing roles for his opinions, and since he’s banging Penelope Cruz and doesn’t have to worry about appearing woke for pussy, he did an interview with Paris Match, and when he was asked if he felt ashamed for working with Woody Allen on 2008’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona after Dylan Farrow accused the director of rape, he said “absolutely not.” Per People:

“If there was evidence that Woody Allen was guilty, then yes, I would have stopped working with him, but I have doubts,” he said. “I am very shocked by this sudden treatment. Judgments in the states of New York and Connecticut found him innocent. The legal situation today is the same as in 2007.”

Obviously, all of what Javier Bardem is true, but it’s 2018 and you better not fucking say shit like that, because you’ll get articles like this and this written about you. I totally understand the whole “believe women” thing, but I just watched Wild, Wild Country, and I have to tell you, I’m not sure if that should always be your go-to response. Allen marrying his adopted daughter is weird and kinda nauseating, but Prince William and Kate Middleton are cousins and their wedding was televised. They even let them around children. Pretty crazy.


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