James Mangold on Boba Fett Rumors: Stop Reading So Much Gossip


Director James Mangold is an outspoken individual, so it should come as no surprise that he had a few things to say to a “fan” who told him that his decision (if true) to direct a Boba Fett movie was the “worst idea ever.” It’s important to note that since the news was announced that James Mangold was attached to direct the Star Wars spin-off, neither Lucasfilm nor Disney have come forward to officially confirm anything about the project. As for Mangold, he’s hard at work on his next movie that doesn’t involve anything having to do with the Star Wars universe.

Social media has become a place where individuals can pretty much say anything that they want without consequence. However, James Mangold had no problem telling someone off after they tweeted some negativity at him. Twitter user Blackbird said, “James Mangold Boba Fett movie = Worst idea ever,” which prompted a quick response from the director. Mangold had this to say.

“Look what I got from a self-proclaimed lover of life! Seriously Blackbird, chill. I’m making a period car racing movie w/ Christian Bale & Matt Damon. No Mandalorians involved. Stop reading so much gossip. Oh, and in my opinion: children in cages = worst idea ever.”

James Mangold does not confirm nor deny his involvement with the Boba Fett movie in his tweet. Instead he focuses on what he is currently working on and then talks about reading too much gossip in regard to the Star Wars spin-off. At this time, it’s hard to figure out exactly what Lucasfilm’s next move will be after the release of Star Wars 9 and the upcoming television projects. With that being said, it seems that Mangold is already sick of the toxic fan base from a project that he hasn’t even officially signed on for. He even warned last week that fan backlash would keep good directors from signing on to projects, which would result in bad films.

Just after the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it was reported that James Mangold was attached to direct the standalone Boba Fett movie and co-write with Simon Kinberg. However, since that news was announced, there have been further reports that state that Lucasfilm is abandoning the Star Wars spin-off movies all together after the perceived failure of Solo. Disney and Lucasfilm deny the reports, but everything is a bit confusing as to what the studio has in development.

The Boba Fett movie is still in a state of limbo to the outside world. Only Lucasfilm and Disney (or maybe even James Mangold) know what’s going to happen to the project in the future. And while a movie centered on the iconic bounty hunter sounds good to a lot of Star Wars fans, there are many who are against the idea and have taken to the internet to declare the displeasure publicly to the directors who may or may not be attached to the film. While we wait for more news about the Boba Fett movie, you can check out the director’s response below, thanks to James Mangold’s Twitter account.


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