It Rained Sea Creatures In China Over The Weekend


Swimming with the sharks. Photo: CSA Images/Mod Art Collection (Getty)

You’ve probably heard about it “raining cats and dogs” before, but what if sea creatures started falling from the sky? Sounds like something you’d only see on the SyFy channel, right?

That terrifying thought actually became reality over the weekend in Qingdao, a city in the Shandong Province of Eastern China.

A freak rain storm with hurricane-force winds that registered a 12 on the Beaufort scale struck the small town, but it wasn’t the uprooted trees or overturned cars that had people talking. Instead, it was the raining of sea creatures. Sucked up out of the Yellow Sea and deposited onto the streets and homes of those in the rain-soaked city, most couldn’t believe their eyes as fish fell from the heavens above.

That included starfish that could be seen crawling on car windshields while falling octopuses floated by office building windows.

Understandably, the phenomenon instantly became a trending topic on social media as people started sharing images of what was being deemed “seafood rain.”

The strong winds were record-breaking for the Eastern China province, though, ‘seafood rain’ isn’t all that uncommon as waterspouts will often pick up ocean wildlife and transport them hundreds of miles.

So next time you think Sharnado is only a movie….


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