How The SpongeBob SquarePants Mocking Meme Went Viral


Let’s not pretend that the number of SpongeBob SquarePants memes is reasonable. The yellow grill-master and company are as ubiquitous in meme world as Drake and Nicholas Cage. There is a meme from the show for every imaginable social situation, but the one that makes the most sense is Mocking SpongeBob meme. You know: THe OnE THat’S WrItTeN LIke THiS. You might say that the SpongeBob mocking meme jumped the shark long ago. That may be the case, but relevancy won’t stop us from celebrating how the SpongeBob mocking meme took over the Internet.

The Evolution of the SpongeBob Mocking Meme

Photo: @OGBEARD on Twitter.

The meme that is now connected with mocking any type of criticism had a very different origin. The SpongeBob mocking chicken meme comes from an episode of the show in which the world’s most-beloved sponge turns into a chicken every time he sees plaid. The first use of this image didn’t have anything to do with mocking or writing like a stutterer talks. Soon after, the SpongeBob mocking meme that we all love to hate went viral.

Photo: @DaniLevyyy on Twitter.

The meme above was one of the first iterations of the SpongeBob mocking meme. It wasn’t long before everyone was using it and of course a website for turning your text into mocking speech followed.

Photo: @poedamercn on Twitter.

As soon as the mocking SpongeBob meme became popular, people started hating on it hard. It had the power to destroy any legit argument with only a random combination of uppercase and lowercase lettering. That might be too much power for a character like SpongeBob.

Not all SpongeBob mocking memes were created equal. Some were bigger successes than others.

No SpongeBob SqurePants character was immune from being included in the mocking memes.
Like all good memes, the SpongeBob mocking meme transitioned into other memes, first as its own cartoon and then a meme universe. We’re just glad that we weren’t in high school when the SpongeBob mocking meme became huge because we would try to use this on our bullies and realize too late that the real world does not resemble cartoons or memes.

SpongeBob as a Nazi General is what you get when you allow freedom on the internet. Hooray!

The most perfect use of this meme is to show how stubborn and stupid teens and Sith lords can be.

There is a SpongeBob meme for every situation in life. Whether you like or dislike the SpongeBob mocking meme, there’s no denying its success and longevity. There’s no point in disagreeing because you already know what the clapback would be.


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