Hot Or Disgusting? "Ab Crack" Has Become The New Weird Trend For Sexy Models


As if fitness trends couldn’t get any weirder, there’s a new one that is causing quite the confusion amongst males because women are now wanting their abs to look like big ole butt cracks. No joke.

The trend is called Ab Crack and it actually looks a little painful, especially when Emily Ratajkowski is attempting it.

Brain…not sure…if hot…or not!

Some are saying that Elle Magazine coined the term earlier this week, but frankly we think that this is clearly some sort of Saturday Night Live sketch that was never produced, potentially starring the ghost of Chris Farley. Or just a joke created by Amy Schumer in an attempt to make every woman hotter than her have a giant ass crack on their stomach.

Even when posing bottomless, we still stare at your stomach butt crack.

It’s still a mystery how one would achieve such a look beyond my initial thought of laying on your side and pretending your stomach is a talking ass Ace Ventura style but that’s okay. I don’t think any of us are going to attempt achieving this look anytime soon. Another order of breadsticks, please!



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