Homecoming Becomes a Horror Movie in Spider-Man Fan Video


Halloween is just around the corner and that means we’re going to be treated to some new horror movies in theaters, as well as a ton of horror movies playing in constant rotation on cable. Plus, Netflix has a good deal of horror to keep people satisfied this Halloween season. Point is, horror is abundant right now. But why can’t superheroes get in on the fun as well? No, we’re not talking about The New Mutants trailer. Someone has re-imagined Spider-Man: Homecoming as a cheesy horror movie and, though it sounds crazy, it works.

This Spider-Man: Homecoming recut trailer was done by The D-Rock Sho and, no question, it’s super cheesy. That can’t be emphasized enough. However, it really does work as a kind of costumed slasher flick that would fit in a little better in the 90s or early 2000s, but the latest Spider-Man movie’s cast works in context. For some reason, Tom Holland would really work as a creepy, ostracized kid from high school that goes on a bloody rampage. Spider-Man: Homecoming was basically a John Hughes teen movie with superheroes in it. Doesn’t take too much to turn a movie like that into a slasher flick.

One of the interesting things about this trailer is that it avoids using most of the iconic shots from Spider-Man: Homecoming, which are also the most expensive and flashy. It mostly relies on some choice character moments, save for one explosion from early on in the movie. There’s none of Peter Parker’s signature snark. That’s all left out in favor of making him look like a reject gone wrong. Instead of using great power responsibly, this version of the webslinger uses his power for bloodshed. Also, the fictional movie is titled Peter’s Web, which really fits what was done here.

As much as this may seem like something that is purely meant to be enjoyed as a bit of a joke, it really isn’t that far from reality. Not to say that Marvel is going to make a Spider-Man horror movie anytime soon, but superhero movies are changing. As mentioned, the first New Mutants trailer promises a straight-up horror movie within the X-Men universe. Given how well certain horror movies have done at the box office this year, it’s not hard to imagine more superhero movies will take a similar approach in the near future.

Granted, the MCU seems less likely to take a horror turn than the DCEU or Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off universe, but never say never. Though, as it is, Spider-Man: Homecoming is about the furthest thing from a horror movie and fans really seem to enjoy it. Still, if they ever get around to doing Kraven’s Last Hunt, it’s easy to picture some horror elements to that story. You can check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming horror movie trailer, courtesy of The D-Rock Sho YouTube channel, for yourself below.


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