High School Teacher Fed Dessert With Semen Frosting In Prank Gone Way Too Far


We all know that teachers have to put up with plenty of nonsense as part of their job, but a group of three Nebraska high school students have taken things to a new, disgusting level. The teens confessed to mixing their own semen into their food project and presented the contaminated concoction for the teacher to sample.

The stomach-turning incident took place at Omaha’s Westside High School where students had been tasked with preparing a dish that featured frosting. Three male students decided – for reasons that probably sounded funny at the time – that they would add their own special ingredient to their creation.

According to police, the teens came up with the scheme ahead of time. “All three admitted to having planned to bring semen into the classroom, to mix it into the food product, and present it to their teacher for tasting,” authorities revealed in a press release.

They took turns going to the restroom, presumably to harvest their signature fix-in, before eventually mixing up the grotesque frosting and putting the finishing touches on the dish. Police have not revealed whether the teacher ate the food (gulp) or how the teacher discovered that the frosting contained semen (double gulp).

 By the time police got involved, two of the three students involved had cracked under the pressure and were willing to spill the beans about the prank. The third student claimed that he was involved in the planning but did not end up going through with it.

Now, all three have been slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge on top of the punishment they face from school administrators.

In a statement, the Westside School District confirmed that “an incident took place” but declined to offer specifics on what exactly happened or how it plans to punish the three culprits. The district also made sure to note that “this incident is not indicative of Westside High School or any of our schools,” which seems like the kind of statement that should hopefully go without saying.


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