High-Ranking German Lawmaker Attacked With Chocolate Pie During Session Over Her Controversial Anti-Refugee Stance


Sahra Wagenknecht hit in face with pie

One lawmaker in Germany was on the receiving end of a bitter-sweet attack over the weekend. The pie “hit and run” incident was caught on camera, according to BBC News.

Sahra Wagenknecht, a member and opposition leader for the far-left Linke party in Germany, attended a congressional session on Saturday when she came under attack by a pie-wielding protester. Unfortunately for her, she sat in the front row.

Moments after the opening speech began in Magdeburg, a man approached the lawmaker and slammed a chocolate pie in her face. Ironically, a television camera crew had a close-up of her face at the precise moment her assailant struck.

The man, identified as a self-proclaimed member of the Anti-Fascist Initiative “Cake for Misanthropists,” yelled some meaningless slogans as he was escorted off the meeting floor by a security detail.

The organization took responsibility for the pie attack, reinforcing its opposition to Wagenknecht’s seemingly anti-immigrant position. The German MP angered members of her party when she recently suggested the country impose a limit on the number of migrants allowed across the border.

According to a report by Stuff, Wagenknecht, the pie incident marks the second time a German politician was attacked in protest using a similar method. Just last month, anti-immigrant politician and a member of the Alternative for Germany party, Beatrix von Storch, was pelted with pie.



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