Here's Why Robin Wright Should NOT Get Equal Pay As Kevin Spacey


Equal pay between men and women is the hot topic right now. And I totally agree that women should be paid the same as men…in certain situations. Hell, I think some women should be paid more than men but this isn’t an “across the board” issue.

Let’s specifically examine the trending story today where actress Robin Wright revealed that she fought AND won equal pay to that of her co-star Kevin Spacey. Hey, that’s great news! Equal pay between men and women! However in this case, that’s some bullshit. Here’s why.

Sure, Robin Wright’s role on the show is growing (Spoiler: She’s now Frank Underwood’s running mate as his pick for Vice-President. We think it’s weird too), sometimes taking up entire episodes while Frank Underwood’s villainous character takes a back seat to Claire’s storyline. That’s fine. But, at the end of the day, we’re watching the show for Frank Underwood. Let me clarify before a million women jump down my throat…MOST viewers watch for Frank Underwood. Don’t you?? He’s evil, corrupt and a damn murderer. He literally murders people without a second thought. He’s straight up a psychopath. This is why viewers have been watching all along!

Yeah, that one wreaks of an opion, I get it. How about we try this point; Spacey’s portfolio. Let’s examine.

Kevin Spacey has won two…two goddamn Oscars. Literally the highest achievement any actor/actress could receive. How many has Robin Wright won? Zero. You know how hard it is to even win one Oscar, let alone two? Pretty fucking hard! Sure, Robin Wright has been nominated for one Oscar for her role in Forrest Gump. Sure, that’s impressive and should get you a pay bump. But you know what should get you a bigger pay bump? WINNING two Oscars! That’s like getting Employee of the Month with the cool parking space, only Rico gets an equally cool parking space JUST because Rico works the same hours as you. Huh?!

Should Robin Wright get the same pay as, say, Leonardo DiCaprio? Probably not, and Leo only has one Oscar sitting on his toilet, folks.

Alright, enough with the Oscars. Let’s look at the awards the actors have won for their work on House of Cards. Let’s really hone this in and compare portfolios. Spacey and Wright are actually equal in the amount of Golden Globes they have won, with Spacey winning Actor in a Television Series Drama in 2015 and Wright winning Actress in a Television Series Drama in 2014. BUT, Spacey has won a bonus two Screen Actors Guild awards for his work on House of Cards and Robin Wright has received…zero. So Spacey has even won more television awards for House of Cards than Wright let alone Academy Awards!

Spacey snagging his SAG awards for House of Cards.

Networks love boasting how their series won this and that award and Spacey has given them just that moreso than Robin Wright, not to mention they can also tag on “starring Academy Award WINNER Kevin Spacey.” So with that being said, do you think Robin Wright should be paid as much as Kevin Spacey? Not all equal pay scenarios are the same but we couldn’t help but say something about this one!

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