Hannah Bortz Is Saving Puppies By Day And Keeping Us Up All Night


Photo: Instagram (@hannahbortz)

Hannah Bortz isn’t just a super babe, she’s a bit of a superhero. Not many girls can lead a double life of saving puppies by day and being a supermodel by night on Instagram.

Hannah actually helped me to find my new pup, which means it goes without saying I’m eternally grateful. The best way I can repay that debt is to encourage everybody to follow her, especially if you’re in dire need of some sloppy, wet kisses in the morning. She’s a member of the @vanderpumpdogs team, which may seem like bougie reality TV stuff, but they’re actually one of the few local LA rescues who gives deserving dogs to good homes without too much interrogation.

Check out the latest Instagram posts from @hannahbortz, then find out how you can save a pup. Because let’s face it, cats are assholes.


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