Guy Stages Fake Proposal To Expose Girlfriend’s Cheating In Front Of Everybody


If you found out that your girlfriend was cheating on you, what would you do? Most couples would have a giant blowout and break up, followed by months of passive-aggressive Facebook statuses and one-upmanship on who can bag the hotter partner immediately afterwards.

Or, if you can keep a lid on your anger, you go and figure out how to get revenge.

Some people set up their cheating spouse so that they catch them in the act on video, which of course gets posted to Facebook immediately afterwards…

…others don’t care about getting hard evidence. In fact, for some people all they care about is embarrassing the living shit out of their soon-to-be-ex in public, sort of like this poor student in a dining hall:

In the video we see the guy stand up and declare his love for his girlfriend, saying “I have absolutely loved you, introduced you to my son and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

…followed quickly by “WELL. Last night Chris told me about ‘it.’ You’re a cheater. BYE.”


Every single person in the dining hall saw that go down. Every single person in there is going to remember that forever and recognize that girl whenever they see her on campus. Every single person in there got front-row seats to the shit show and I’m pissed I wasn’t even invited.

Is it the most creative revenge out there? No. But is that girl scarred for life? Is she going to wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare where she relives the exact same scenario over and over? Fuck yeah she is.

Cheaters never win, bitch.



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