Groom Pulls Off Savage Revenge On Cheating Bride During Their Wedding Day


Picture it: you’re standing at the altar, watching your beautiful bride walk down the aisle in front of dozens of friends and family. You’ve been waiting for this day all year, and as she lifts up her veil all you can think of is how she’s sucked off half of the groomsmen standing up there with you.

Sorry! This isn’t your wedding we’re talking about — this is Sean’s friend’s wedding. Who is Sean, you ask?

Sean is this dude. Say hi to Sean!

Sean went on the UK television program The Graham Norton Show to tell the story of how his friend absolutely wrecked his cheating fiancée during their wedding reception. The ceremony had gone well, and everyone had finally settled into their seats at the venue…

…which meant it was time for the groom to give a speech. “We’re going to play a game,” he said. Instructing the crowd to stand up, he told every guest to flip over their plate. If they had a dot at the bottom of their plate, the groom asked them to stay standing up – and if no dot, go ahead and sit down. There were eight men left standing who had dots on the bottoms of their plates.

“Ladies and gentlemen, will you please look at the eight gentlemen still standing,” the groom said. “They have slept with my wife since we have been engaged. I am now going for an annulment.”

He then walked straight out of the room.

There’s a saying that goes “Revenge is a dish best served cold” — but in this case it I’d argue it’s a dish best served empty.



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