Girl Suspects Her Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her, Unleashes Hypocritical Revenge


If you’re going to take revenge on someone, make sure it’s good enough of a plan that it’ll go viral and you’ll look like an ingenious and newly-single stud. There’s only one real way to fuck it up aside from going the boring route (you’re better off bombing her house with glitter than you are trying to embarrass her in public), and that’s to pick a  revenge plan that makes you look like the villain, i.e. what this stupid girl, “Jess,” did with her boyfriend.

You see, at the start of this whole thing Jess had the lead. Not only did her boyfriend most-likely-certainly-for-sure-okay-yeah-he-fucking-did-it cheat on her, but the slew of excuses he texted her are worse than pathetic:

The story goes that the boyfriend got hammered with friends and allegedly “passed out” with some random girl. His “friends,” ever the ones to fuck you over and call it a joke when you rightfully get pissed, took a photo of him and the girl and sent it to his girlfriend.

Regardless of whether or not he actually cheated, Jess was pissed. And when you’re mad, you don’t necessarily think clearly – had she waited a few hours and (at the laziest) Google searched “ways to get back at boyfriend for cheating,” this story would be much different. Instead Jess decided to go and ruin any sympathy anyone would’ve had for her by being a giant flaming hypocrite:

It’s 500x easier for a girl to go out and find a replacement warm bod and stiff rod than it is for a guy, which not only makes this “revenge” trashy but lazy as hell.

Come on Jess – you could’ve done better than this.

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