Girl Gets Stood Up So She Takes Herself On A Sexy Date And Shows All On Snapchat


It sucks when you get stood up for a date, but it sucks even more when you’re the third party (us), watching a HOT CHICK get stood up for a date because clearly whomever she was about to go out with is just one big dummy.

A young and ready to mingle woman named Mimi Black was all fresh, clean and dressed up for her big date when she realized the guy wasn’t showing. Did he even call to let her know? NOPE. But that’s okay, Black decided to take herself out on a date and show her Snapchat followers how much of a cool girl she really is. Oh, and also not to mention how f*cking thirsty she was as well. Like we said, the guy was a big dummy.

Maybe he didn’t show because he turned the corner and saw her in those Willy Wonka sunglasses? If so, take her into a dark bar and she’ll take them off! This is no way to treat a woman, people! But it was her snapchat posts as the day went on that showed the dude what he missed out on.

Lingerie shopping? Sex on the beach cocktails? Those are some pretty strong hints. Clearly this date would have taken a fun turn had the guy shown up. But wait, there’s more.

Hold on, a hot girl who LIKES to go to McDonalds for dinner?! THIS IS THE PERFECT WOMAN! Sure, McDonalds is clearly garbage for you but a cheap date is a lovely date, not to mention a gift from God. Also is it just us or is that Wrap package a little…suggestive?

Of course, if you didn’t get the vibe that Mimi here wasn’t thirsty at all and was just simply playing around with her innuendos, she made her point real clear in her last couple of Snapchat posts what exactly she had in mind as the date’s closer.

Buuuut we’ll go ahead and assume the guy had his reasons. Maybe he knew more than we did about this Mimi character, right? In that case, as far as we’re concerned, ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Would you have stood this woman up?




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