'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere: Essential Answers From 'The Red Woman'

Game of Thrones

For nearly a year one question has plagued loyal fans of Game of Thrones. “Did Jon Snow really die?” With clickbait articles, vague interviews, and diligent spoiler hunters, we never got any closer to the answer. This question seemed to overshadow many of the other questions, from the identity of Cersei’s new protector to Sansa’s fate. As the new season premieres, viewers hope to get the answers to his vital question and many more.

Unfortunately, this particular question remains a mystery. Is Jon Snow dead? Yes. Will he stay dead, however, is up in the air. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty more answers.

Here are the top questions answered by “The Red Woman:”

What Will Happen to Jon Snow’s Killers?

Snow’s murderers openly admit that they were responsible for their commander’s death to a crowd their fellow members of the Night’s Watch. At first the crowd is angry, rightfully calling them killers. But when they give an impassioned speech about loving the Watch, never disobeying orders, and wanting to protect the world from wildlings, the crowd starts to soften. It seems possible that they’ll not only get away with killing Jon but actually end up being leaders as a result.

Meanwhile, Davos and the rest of Jon’s allies lock themselves away knowing that the second they come out of their room, they’ll likely be killed just to stop any future coups. Also, Melissandre clearly has something up her sleeve and is willing to use her dark magic to make it happen. Whether that’s getting revenge or resurrecting the late Stark, we don’t yet know.

How Will Sansa’s Escape Go?

While Ramsey is mourning the death of his equally psychopathic girlfriend, Miranda, Theon and Sansa are on the run. With the hounds and the Bolton’s men hot on their heels, Theon attempts to distract their pursuers and even claim that Sansa died. But they’re caught almost instantly. Seriously, Sansa sucks at hiding. But mark this day in your calendars. Sansa Freaking Stark finally catches a break.

Just as they’re about to be taken in and back to Ramsey’s loving embrace, Brienne and Podrick show up. After a bloody battle, Brienne is victorious. Once again she falls to her knee and pledges loyalty to Sansa. And—finally!—Sansa accepts. Brienne gets her sense of purpose back, as well as the ability to keep her promise to Catelyn. And Sansa finally gets a protector who doesn’t want to use her for political gain. It’s the best day ever for our unlucky heroines.

How Will Cersei and Jamie’s Reunion Go?

Not well. As we saw in the finale, Cersei and Jamie’s daughter Marcella was poisoned by the obnoxious Sand Snakes, dying in Jamie’s arms after proclaiming she’s proud to be his incest baby. Instead of raging with anger like she did after Joffrey’s death, Cersei seems resigned to believe that all of her children are destined to die, just as prophesied by some witch. Jamie rejects that notion instantly. He says: “F*ck prophecy. F*ck fate. F*ck everyone who isn’t us.”

At least with Jamie back, the crazy priest and nuns that previously took over Westeros won’t have it so easy anymore. After all, Jamie is known for dealing the fatal blow to insane leaders of Westeros.

Will the Sand Snakes Stay Off-Screen Where They Belong?

Unfortunately, no. The truly awful Sand Snakes stage a coup by killing the Dornish prince and his son. Now that they don’t have a political prisoner or any actual authority, their place in the show is completely arbitrary. With any luck, this will be the last time they steal screen time from other, better characters.

What Happened to Dany After Flying Away On Her Dragon?

Dany’s former domain is in chaos, her boyfriends are on the lookout for her, and her ships to go to Westeros have all burned to the ground. Needless to say, things aren’t going well for the Mother of Dragons. To make things worse, she’s now the prisoner of the Dothraki. Not knowing who she is or that she can speak the language, they openly joke about raping her later. Because what’s an episode of Game of Thrones without the threat of rape?

However, once Dany is brought to this group’s Khal, she lets him know that she’s the widow of Drogo. This saves her from the threat of rape—thank God—but also means that they’re transporting her to some Temple where the widows of Khals are forced to mourn together forever. Anything to keep Dany from doing anything relevant to the main plot, huh?

Will There Still Be Unnecessary Nudity?

You’re in luck! Not only do we see Melisandre’s breasts for no reason at all. We also get to see her chest as the pale, elderly, decrepit version of herself. There must be a boobs quota.

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