Finn Awakens in Thrilling New Last Jedi Footage


We’d warn you not to watch the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi extended TV spot. As it contains some cool new footage that would better be suited for your first viewing. But we also know you won’t listen to us, and you can’t control yourself. So go ahead, watch as Finn awakens from his coma in the latest look at Star Wars 8.

John Boyega’s Finn was badly injured at the end of The Force Awakens. And when we last saw him, he was in a coma. We’ve seen images of him in his bacta suit, which is helping him heal. Now, we get to see him come to, screaming. This cuts to a shot of Finn still wearing the suit. He confronts Poe Dameron, wanting to know what happened to Rey.

As anyone who saw The Force Awakens knows, she is off on Ahch-To training to be a Jedi with Luke Skywalker. Finn and Rey will spend most of The Last Jedi apart, as Finn teams up with Resistance maintenance worker Rose Tico to infiltrate a prison on the casino planet of Canto Bight, where they will break a hacker out of jail. Their adventure eventually gets them captured by the First Order, where Finn will have a showdown with Captain Phasma in one of the sequel’s key fight scenes.

In Star Wars 8, Finn finally has something to fight for. While the official story hasn’t been completely detailed by Lucasfilm, we did get this synopsis recently.

“The Light? The Darkness? Rey and Kylo, two people who seem to move between the two; a new shocking development is hinted to await them in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Although the world was shocked to see that the hand offered to Rey belonged to that of Kylo Ren, what awaits Rey and Kylo is the question of ‘The Light? Or the Darkness?’, as together they are tossed and moved by the powerful Force. Rey, who, even though in the previous film The Force Awakens awakened the Force, carries a sense of being lost and unsure; will she be taken away by the darkness…Kylo, who killed Han Solo, despite the fact that he was his real father; will the hopeful small amount of light that still remains in his heart be able to undo the darkness!? These two figures who seem to resonate with each other; we cannot take our eyes off of them!!”

It was recently confirmed that Oscar Isaac will return as Poe Dameron in Star Wars 9. The only other actor officially confirmed to return is John Boyega. So he probably comes out of his fight with Captain Phasma with all his limbs in tact. We can’t say the same for Phasma. There are good odds that neither she nor Lt. Hux will make it past the end credits of The Last Jedi. This latest extended TV spot has some cool new space footage with ships going to war. You can check out all the excitement direct from the Star Wars Youtube channel in our embed here.


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