Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge On Boyfriend By Spoiling Game Of Thrones Each Week!


The most evil plot hatched involving Game of Thrones is not even happening in Westeros. A man betrayed his woman and now he is paying a dire consequence. Reddit user Khalessiscorned recently posted an epic tale of romance and revenge that even George R.R. Martin would think is a bit cruel to the characters involved.  

He explains:

“I cheated on my ex during our relationship and she found out shortly after we broke up. She’s blocked me on everything, but briefly unblocks me every Monday to send me Game Of Thrones spoilers before I can watch it. How can I get her to stop?”

Even Melisandre is like “damn!” So basically she is forcing her ex to read GOT spoilers just for revenge. I think this is great! In fact I have been saying for years that a great way to blackmail friends and enemies is to threaten them with film and TV SPOILERS. “What’s that sweetheart? You are only on season 5 of Game of Thrones? Sucks for you, because we are definitely not going to your fucking parent’s house for dinner on Sunday unless you want to find out what beloved character died in the latest episode!”

Unfortunately this dude is feeling the brunt of such spoiler abuse and out lines in detail his sad story:

“My ex, we’ll call her Dany, and I were together for nearly a year. We broke up a couple months ago, due to distance and just not being right for each other. The majority of our relationship was long distance, while I worked abroad, and communication was hard.”

“I had a lot of jealousy issues, due to Dany having a lot of male friends and she’d slept with a lot of guys. I let this get the better of me and I cheated on her with my ex and other girls. She found out shortly after we broke up, and understandably hates me. We had a massive argument after the break up, where I said some nasty things that I regret, and now she doesn’t talk to me or want anything to do with me.”

“When we are together, Dany introduced me to Game Of Thrones, and I got addicted to it. Unfortunately while abroad, I wasn’t able I watch it live, and usually it would take a while to find a good stream, if at all. The internet out there was bad. Dany blocked me on every form of communication when we broke up. But, on the Monday after season 6 premiered she unblocked me and I saw I had messages from her. I was excited because I thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on, but it was literally just every spoiler from the first episode.”

“Since then she spoils the show for me every week. I tried to ask her to stop but she blocks me immediately after she sends the message. I blocked her on Whatsapp, but she did it via Facebook. Then the next week it was text. She even borrowed one of our mutual friend’s phones to do it, and I fell for that. (Our mutual friends are all closer to her and apparently hate me now because of what she’s told them about me). I can’t watch it before she ruins it because I have to wait til my girlfriend (my ex ex) is home from work to watch with her.”

“I know I didn’t treat her very well but I just want to watch my favourite show again. Is there anyway I can get Dany to stop or make peace so she won’t ruin the show anymore?”

The way I look at it is this guy has three options:

1. He can just give up on Game of Thrones and find another show to addictively watch that his ex doesn’t care about.

2. He can fight back and figure out a schedule to start watching ahead of time and finally spoil an episode for her.

3. He can perform a “Red Wedding” where he looks up the latest episode of every current and past scripted episodic TV show that his ex-girlfriend would ever want to binge watch and start sending her vast amounts of spoilers.  While this would ruin those programs for himself as well, he would exact his own form of revenge for her revenge.

What would you do in his situation?

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